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 Christine has been in the gymnastics industry for over 20 years, working for Gymnastics Victoria when she moved down to Melbourne. She has been the proud owner of Glitz since 2005, with the inspiration to own another gymnastics club from her 3 children, all heavily involved in the sport. 

 Christine displays a vast amount of knowledge ranging from the sport of trampolining to cheerleading, to womens and mens gymnastics,

 which has been incorporated this into our programs offered at Glitz.  

You'll see Christine helping behind the desk and assisting coaches on the floor with their classes. 



Sarah is the friendly face you'll see behind the counter. 

She has worked at the gym for 12 years and over the years has put two of her children through our gymnastics program. Sarah is responsible for all our behind the scenes work, which definitely doesn't go unnoticed at Glitz. 

Her patience and kind attitude is something to admire. 



Kelly has a long history with gymnastics, starting when she was 4. Kelly competed up to WAG level 7 and trained up to level 8 .

 Kelly has been a part of the Glitz family for 20 years. She started her training to become a coach very early on and started coaching a level 5 competition class. She has experience in coaching all levels from kinder gym programs and schools, all the way to recreational classes and competition squads. 

 Kelly has recently taken on a new role at Glitz as the manager. She will be the voice you hear on the phone, and the friendly face you see behind the desk.



Courtney Is our Head coach here at Glitz and has been a part of the club since she was 8 years old, mainly being a member of the cheerleading team. 

Courtney has been coaching here for

6 years and currently has her intermediate accreditation working towards her advanced. She has continued to push herself to be the best coach she can be, and is always eager to

learn more. Her efforts were shown when she was awarded coach of the year in 2017. Courtney is always looking for new

ways to keep her students interested and always providing  a challenge. 

Her organization and work ethic is admired

around the gym. Courtney can be seen training the level  5 or level 2 competition squads. 

She has experience coaching

Recreational classes, kinder gym classes, or schools.



Abi has grown up watching the sport of gymnastics from her younger sisters. Despite this Abi had a love for dance and did

this for 8 years. Her dance background provides useful for gymnastics and can bring a new spin to those tricky routines.

 She has coached

for Glitz for 5 years and has gained experience in recreational classes, schools and kinder gym. Abi knows how to challenge

her students in ways to make sure they are always striving to be their best.

Her love for coaching has grown over the years and her efforts at the gym was acknowledged in 2014 when she received coach

of the year. 

Abi currently coaches the Level 3 competition

squad and several recreational classes throughout the week.



New to the competitive coaching team, however displays fierce coaching skills to ensure the students put in 100% in each

training session. Ella delved in the world of sports trying out everything there was until it became apparent that gymnastics was for her around the age of 6. Ever since then she has been

in and out of gymnastics even training in competitive squad.

 She started off her coaching training in mens and womens gymnastic

programs and has since become a qualified intermediate coach that is now training competitive squads. 



Elise is one of our lovely kinder gym coaches and has been coaching for the last 14 years. Before this she was also experienced in mens gymnastics before taking on the role within kinder gym program. 

Elise is also qualified in ABA therapy and is always willing to do private lessons for the children that may that may need a one on one approach. 

Not only that but you will often see Elise as the host of your party at Glitz Gymnastics. She is an experienced member of the Glitz family, so be sure to say hello the next time you see her around the gym!



Ange is a new member to the Glitz family, joining us in 2018. 

Since starting with us, Ange has completed her beginner coaching course, and is currently undergoing her Kinder Gym accreditation.

 At the end of 2018 she was already awarded with coach of the year due to her positive attitude and willingness to take on any task. Ange's caring nature makes her a perfect coach for our kinder gym classes.  

 Make sure you come and have a chat with Ange or find out about how you can put one of your little ones into her class. 



Matilda has accomplished 10 years of gymnastics, after deciding to take a break in 2017. 

As of 2018 Matilda has taken up cheerleading, a sport that she excels and strives at.

 Matilda has grown up at Glitz and competed up to  WAG level 7. 

Matilda is working as an assistant to the level 3 & 4/5 competitive squads, passing on her well learnt knowledge. 

Matilda has an intermediate qualification and aims to get her advanced qualification in the next few years. 

 You can find Matilda out in the gym, or if you’re lucky she might be demonstrating a cool trick!



Mitch began his love for parkour in 2012 and came to Glitz as a student in 2017. 

Mitch has completed his beginner coaching qualification. 

His aim is to provide a class where students can feel safe and engaged, in an environment that promotes their best learning. 



Meet Gabe another one of our Free G Coaches. Gabe has been doing parkour for around 5 years now and shows no signs of slowing down. 

He has been coaching at Glitz for almost 2 years and has attained his beginner coaching accreditation.  His vast knowledge and passion for the industry is well demonstrated through his classes. 

You can always spot him around the gym demonstrating a cool skill or practicing his technique. 



Lucas is one of our senior FreeG coaches here at Glitz.  

Lucas's passion for the sport has grown over the years, since he began in 2014, inevitably becoming a coach a short while after. 

His kind personality makes him a valued coach at Glitz, as he continues to build a great rapport with his students. 

Lucas currently holds a beginner coaching course with hopes to further his knowledge within the industry. 



Connor is a new FreeG coach at Glitz Gymnastics. Starting in 2019, Connor has displayed a great enthusiasm for the sport, which can be seen throughout his FreeG classes. 

Connor has attained his beginner coaching qualification, with hopes to complete his intermediate soon. 



Max has always been a part of Glitz. He has always been around to help out and join in on the fun in classes. As of 2018 he was able to start his training alongside the Free G coaches. Max is able to think quick on his feet to keep the kids constantly moving. Max enjoys parkour and trampolining thanks to his fearfulness and love for adventure. 



Zac started his coaching in 2018 with his own Free G classes. He has done parkour for the last 4 years with the last 3 years being here at Glitz. 

He has really thrived coaching Free G, taking his passion for parkour into something that can be shared with others. 

Zac is always up for a challenge and this attitude is transferred to his classes. 

You can always spot Zac in the gym with a smile on his face.

About Us



Ben is one of our senior FreeG students, that has recently began his coaching career with Glitz in 2019. 

Ben started FreeG in 2017 which makes

his experience and knowledge in the FreeG sport something we are keen to pass on to our young beginners.  



She has been a member of Glitz for 8.5 years and competed as part of the WAG level 7 squad. Currently Tanisha has taken a break from gymnastics and is doing aerobics for something different. She has been a coach here for 4 years and started off by assisting the Level 2 competitive squads. Tanisha now has several of her own classes throughout the week and shows her students all the attention and assistance needed to improve each lesson. 



Meet Taylah, one of our Senior coaches! Taylah has been a member of the Glitz family for 6 years a part of our competitive training program. Taylah trained all the way up to WAG  level 6. 

Taylah has been a coach for 3 years and currently holds her intermediate coaching accreditation. She is a friendly face around the gym, always looking for a chat. 



Tori is one of our main tumbling and cheerleading coaches here at Glitz. 

Tori has been in the industry for 8 years and has a clear passion and enthusiasm for the sport. 

Tori has also completed her beginner qualification and coaches several gymnastics classes throughout the week. 

Tori thrives of her students gaining new skills as they progress in their tumbling passes. 



Meet another one of our cheer coaches. Liv is a passionate cheerleader who has been in the sport for 9 years. She currently competes at level 5. 

Liv also has experience at gymnastics doing the sport for 4 years, reaching competative level 5. 

 Liv’s students admire how they always walk out of the class learning something new. She enjoys being able to pass on her love for tumbling to others and helps them to be the best tumbler they can be. 

You can usually spot Liv upside down or twisting, so be sure to look out for her!



Along with Tori, Amy is one of our Cheerleading and Tumbling coaches. Amy started at Glitz in 2006 doing gymnastics, and after 4 years she found a new love for cheerleading. 

Amy has been a qualified cheer coach for 4 years. 

Her knowledge and experience in the industry is highly sought after, as well as her enthusiasm and positive energy in  her coaching role, making  her a valuable member at Glitz.  



Lucy started her assistant coaching in 2017 and as of 2018 she has taken on several of her own classes. She has attained her beginner coaching accreditation and has previous training in gymnastics. Lucy competed at a WAG level 4  here at Glitz. She enjoys coaching the little ones which is shown through her patience and kindness towards all gymnasts. 



Ashiya is one of our senior squad girls that competes WAG 5 level. She started assisting in 2017 on Saturday mornings with Senior coaches Abi and Courtney. 

After completing her beginner coaching course, Ash has gained her own classes, developing their skills and technique with a positive attitude. 

Ash loves to help inspire  young gymnasts to find the passion for the sport just like her. 



Krystal is a new member of our coaching team here, however not new to Glitz! She has done gymnastics here for the last 5 years, starting at a recreational level 1, working her way into the competitive program. 

recently Krystal has completed her beginner coaching course, showing such promising skills as a young coach. Her kind nature and knowledge in the industry goes a long way with the students. 

About Us



Casey is another one of our senior gymnasts who competes at a WAG level 5. She is also another member that has grown up at Glitz, doing gymnastics for 7 years. Casey started her training to becoming a coach in 2019. She is a hard worker inside and outside of class. Casey has been a quick learner to the role, displaying an approachable, kind and confident way with the students. We can't wait to see Casey continue her gymnastics journey as a promising young coach. 



Darci is another one of our up and coming coaches. Training in our senior competitive squad at level 5, Darci shows a positive attitude and enthusiasm to learn. 

She has began her coaching career helping host our Glitz Gymnastics parties. 

Her determination to do well and help others achieve positive results is something we admire. 



Emma is also another one of our new coaches. Beginning her coaching career in 2019, you will also see her helping to host parties at Glitz. 

Her willingness to assist the coaches with their classes and develop positive relationships with the children makes her a perfect addition to our Glitz family. 

Emma is currently training to be one of Glitz Gymnastics' senior coaches.